Collection: "Making in Color" organized by Edwige Charlot (online exhibition)

a luminescent, organic ceramic shape.

About the exhibition 

Drawn by the use of color, form and surface, Making in Color is inspired by and a celebration of the varied approaches in multimedia including but not limited to textile, ceramic, and painting. Curated by Edwige Charlot, this exhibition pulls together works that communicate the power of color.  

From Shantae Robinson’s quiet and moody ceramic to Maria Radilla’s energetic sunburst fiber necklace, each artist brings a thoughtful sensability to the application and consideration of color. This exhibition features the work from artists Saul Alegria, Lisa Blevens, Julio Del Rio, Luis Estrada, Sylvia Fragoso, Felicia Griffin, Heather Hamann, Shana Harper, Raven Harper, Julie MacDonald, Maria Radilla, Shantae Robinson and Kiesha White.

About the organizer

Edwige Charlot is a French-born immigrant artist-printmaker, based in Providence, RI. Within their Haitian lineage and tradition, they borrow and meld installation, collage, textile and printmaking into a visual, experiential creole. Using matrix-based techniques and technology, Charlot employs multi-layered, lexical works as meditations on identity and belonging, and the enmeshment of diaspora, memory and migration. Charlot has received support for their work from St. Botolph Club Foundation, the Maine Arts Commission, and the Sustainable Arts Foundation. Recently, they have been an artist in residence at BOOM Concepts in Pittsburgh, PA, a guest lecturer at Fordham University, a visiting artist at the Chautauqua School of Art, and an exhibiting artist in the New England Triennial 2022 at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA

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