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"Los Colores y la Música del Amor" organized NIAD Virtual Studio Artists

A drawing of six colorful animals perched in three rows, with one animal below, next to a human figure with an open mouth and red eyes and ears. Hearts dot the composition. At the top in pencil is written Thuesday Marzo /5/5 2021 pm Martes PM Martes /5/5 de PM Maria Radilla

About this Collection

"I am from Mexico. I speak Spanish too. My Grandmother would sing to me in her house in Mexico when I was a little girl… When I make art, I think of Mexico, it's for my grandma. I make rugs, I make my grandma's house out of clay, I make drawings about papa, mama and my grandma. I love Mexican songs, like Cielito Lindo.” -NIAD artist Sylvia Fragoso

About the Organizers

This exhibition was organized by NIAD Virtual Studio artists Luis Estrada,Esmeralda Silva,Sylvia  Fragoso, and Vanessa Paniagua in collaboration with Spanish Hang and Artists Advisory Committee facilitators Joshua Solis and Kim Huhta

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