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NIAD hybrid exhibition

"Karen May: Artforum Interventions" organized by Jess Frost at Duck Creek

a manipulated artforum magazine advertisement.

About the Exhibition

NIAD is pleased to present a collaborative two-part exhibition—half in person at the Arts Center at Duck Creek in New York, half in NIAD's virtual gallery—showcasing works by Karen May.

Karen May has been a prolific member of NIAD's studio program for over a decade, and each exhibition features a different selection of her drawings on Artforum advertisements. 

The contrast between the magazine's clean precision and May's voracious, instinctive drawing underscores the gap between the genuine urge to create art, and the glossy presentation of that urge when it's been packaged for sale. 

About the Arts Center at Duck Creek

The Arts Center at Duck Creek is dedicated to the stewardship of historic Duck Creek Farm as a place to inspire our community with free creative programming that supports artists, celebrates diversity and honors the East End’s cultural legacy.

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