Collection: A Year Through the (Browser) Windows // NIAD's 2021 Online Exhibitions (online exhibition)

Back in 2014 we began asking artists, curators, literati, musicians, disability community members, and other local lights to dive into our online gallery and create a weekly exhibition. Back in those days, our online gallery was hosted on Tumblr (!!), and organizing an exhibition was an arduous task.

In 2021, with more than 6,000 artworks in the NIAD collection, putting together an online exhibition is still quite a labor of love.

We started the year with Eric Shiner’s “Road to Nowhere” and ended it looking back with “A Year Through the Windows,” with almost fifty magnificent exhibitions in between.

With this last online exhibition of the year (link in bio), we’re spotlighting a handful of exhibitions, each from different points on the rollercoaster that was the 2021 mood. 

Much gratitude to each and every one of our 2021 online exhibition organizers for offering us a glimpse of the NIAD collection through their eyes (and so, so many open browser windows).

Here they are, in chronological order:

Eric Shiner ⚡️ Patrick Reed ⚡️ Samantha Bittman ⚡️ Christina Hughmanik ⚡️ Peter Harris ⚡️ Deatra Colbert + Felicia Griffin + Dorian Reid ⚡️ Danny Floyd ⚡️ Aria Banias ⚡️ Patricia Iglesias Peco ⚡️ Fanny Singer ⚡️ Nicole Shaffer ⚡️ Stephanie Hanor ⚡️ Good Buy Supply ⚡️ Bessie Kunath ⚡️ Richard Zimmerman ⚡️ Ann Meade ⚡️ Ellen Lake ⚡️ Kate Rhoades + Katy Kondo ⚡️ Justin Rhody ⚡️ Zoe Taleporos ⚡️ Minoosh Zomorodinia ⚡️ Paulette Nichols ⚡️ Jesse Malmed ⚡️ Veronica DeJesus ⚡️ jill moniz ⚡️ Julia Goodman + Michael Hall ⚡️ Ann Tartsinis ⚡️ Daniel Krakauer ⚡️ Danny Volk ⚡️ Aubrey Ingmar Manson ⚡️ Jay Youngdahl ⚡️ Canela Art Gallery ⚡️ Ling Shang ⚡️ B. Wurtz ⚡️ NIAD Holiday Gift Guides: Samantha Kershnar, Rebecca Jantzen, Bill Zindel, Amanda and Sarah Eicher, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, Isabel X. Ortiz ⚡️ 


Works in the 2021 NIAD Online Exhibition Throwback:

Deatra Colbert, Dorian Reid and Felicia Griffin's "We Are Creating Our History"
Untitled (F0352), Evelyn Davis
Ari Banias’s “Costume Store
Untitled (D2728), Phyllis Carr

Patricia Iglesias Peco’s “True Identity
Untitled (D6223), Christina Saavedra

Fanny Singer’s “Kiss——Kiss
Untitled (P1075), Mireya Betances

Good Buy Supply’s “Warming
Untitled (D3363), Adonia Douglas

Zoe Taleporos’s “Serotonin Ping
Untitled (D9683), Sara Malpass

Veronica DeJesus’s “20 Continuous Lines
Untitled (JH06), Mimi Englim

jill moniz’s “Holding the Line
Untitled (D1219), Michael Bailey

Julia Goodman + Michael Hall’s “177 Years
Look At That Guitar!, Eddie Braught

B. Wurtz’s “Stories
Untitled (D9015), Donald Walker
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