Collection: True Identity, Selected By Patricia Iglesias Peco (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Memory is the thread that weaves these portraits together. One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of our psyche, memory is constantly being measured in relation to the truth. How "accurately" do we remember something? But ultimately there is truth to our memories. Virginia Woolf writes: "Truth differs from accuracy; truth requires a merging of observation and imagination." It is Virginia Woolf's notion of truth -- the remembered, heard, seen and interpreted -- that these portraits embody. 


About the selector

Patricia Iglesias Peco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After apprenticeships with Pablo Edelstein and Philip Pavia, in Argentina and Italy respectively, Iglesias moved to the United States to study first at the Savannah College of Art and Design and subsequently at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Iglesias has participated in several group and solo shows, both in the United States and Argentina. Currently she lives and works in Los Angeles. Find more of her work on instagram @patopeco.

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