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xiomara rosales

Shades of Me

Shades of Me

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digital recording, five songs, 2022.

1. Hi (Ring, Ring, Ring) - I wrote this song expressing my frustration with people who don't reply to you, either in-person or by phone.

2. Dancing Is My Life - I wrote this song because of a girl I know who loves to dance.

3. Change Your Mind - I wrote this song about a guy who I liked in high school, wanting to change his mind, hence the title.

4. Shoot for the Stars - I wrote this song wanting to inspire people to chase their dreams and follow their hearts.

5. Love You As You Are - This is a song about self acceptance and that you should embrace your flaws.

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All songs written and performed by Xiomara Rosales.*
Produced by NIAD Sound Recordings
Recorded at NIAD Art Center (2022)

*Ukulele on "Change Your Mind" by Maria Yates
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