Collection: NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #6: WIN WIN 10 Sneak Preview, collected by Isabel X. Ortiz (online exhibition)

The NIAD Win Win 10 logo - a blue circle with the number 10 inside, surrounded by the word "WIN' in alternating blue and black color, sans serif font.

Our final NIAD Gift Guide of the season doubles as a sneak peek into what's in store for you at Win Win 10, NIAD's Annual Benefit Fundraiser coming up on Saturday March 5, 2022!

Isabel X. Ortiz from NIAD's fundraising team describes the NIAD artworks that inspired her Win Win 10 Sneak Preview collection...


I curated this collection with all the game-lovers and risk-takers in mind.
It’s for the artists who are pushing their own creative boundaries.
It’s for the innovators who are thinking of their next passion project.
It’s for the people who like to spice up their homes with playful colors, bold patterns, and joyful pieces.
I hope you enjoy this Win Win 10 Sneak Preview as much as I enjoyed collecting it. And go ahead and get that calendar, because it’s time to save the date for Win Win 10  on Saturday, March 5, 2022! 


The spirit of playfulness is what I love most about our community. Every time I walk into the NIAD studio, I’m greeted by a machine that dispenses artwork instead of gumballs. It’s such a great start to my day. So, it felt more than exciting when I heard the theme for this year’s Win Win Auction will be: 
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Isabel Xilonen Ortiz (they/them) is an Indigenous scientist and working artist. In their free time, Isabel enjoys beadwork, illustration, and creative writing. Isabel joined the NIAD community as Development Assistant in August 2020, and they also co-facilitate Spanish Hang with Joshua Solis. 


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