Collection: NIAD Windows Exhibition: To Make Home, selected by Simon Tran and Kari Simonsen

About the exhibition

To Make Home is about how each of us holds a different idea of home—the city we grew up in, the people we love, a pet, the place we do laundry, or the space in which we make art. Home can mean a comforting place, a far away place, or a confusing place.

Each of us carries a bit of home with us. For example, Simon Tran is influenced by the spices used in his mom’s Vietnamese cooking. Others view home as something to leave behind, such as jen stract whose art practice involves carrying mini clay washing machines with her at all times, and leaving them behind with people and places she visits. Felix Quintana documents the Los Angeles urban landscape with ephemera from his family and youth. For Kari and her sister Cecilie, they live in different parts of the country and whenever they visit each other they bring the wooden shark carved by their father, Knut Simonsen, as a way of sharing a memory of home.

The pieces in this show share how each of us make “home” in our own lives, and hopefully give some insight into what is important about the meaning of home to you.

About the selectors

Simon Tran

Kari Simonsen

Meet the selectors (virtually) at Thirsty Thursday, April 8 from 6-7 PM PT.

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