Collection: NIAD is for Music Lovers: Holiday Gift Guide organized with Xiomara Rosales

a black 12" vinyl record

NIAD Holiday Gift Guides:

Each week we launch a fresh collection of artwork from NIAD’s dazzlingly diverse inventory: paintings, afghan blankets, coloring books, planters, posters, necklaces, music, t-shirts, wallhangings, prints, greeting cards, zines, soft sculptures, ceramics, and even a lion chair for that very special someone (while supplies last).

And it’s all lovingly hand-picked by the art aficionados who know the work best: NIAD studio artists.

About the exhibition:

"This show revolves around music and music that inspires art, and is titled after my music album that will be released on December 10th. Nathan Lam’s Clipper (P0237) reminds me of a musical journey and the adventure of finding and making music, and that’s why I chose this piece. Love, Hugs, and Alcohol (D1454) is a piece I made wanting to refer back to the 60s and its music. My piece Unmotivated (D1458) is about how songs relate to music, and I made it during a writer’s block while trying to write song lyrics. The other pieces remind me of different musical genres. Hope you enjoy!"

About the organizer: 

NIAD artist Xiomara Rosales is a multi-media force in the studio, practicing as a visual artist, screenplay and songwriter. A natural storyteller about human connections—and sometimes disconnections—Xiomara’s work often revolves around personal experiences. Her family, friends, and Japanese-Peruvian background play an important role in shaping her work.

Xiomara’s album Shades of Me will be released on December 10, 2022.

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