Collection: Selections from the Win Win 12 Silent Auction

A pencil and marker drawing in a white frame. The image is of 4 red hotdogs in yellow buns. The hotdogs sit on grey tray. Green handwritten text around the image says, "Bipolar one hotdogs hotdogs that give people bipolar"

The Win Win 12 Silent Auction is open for bidding!

Wondering where to start? You can participate from the comfort of your own home, wrapped in a fuzzy green towel after a warm bath. Or maybe you’re the adventurous type, bidding on the go as you sail by snowcapped mountains to watch the little red whales breaching out of the sea. Whatever journey you’re on, NIAD artists have got you covered. So settle in, don your best crocheted doll dress, grab a hotdog (or four), and browse a stellar selection of items from the Silent Auction below.

Ignore the "sold" stickers -- everything is available to bid on through May 18th! We've added a link to each featured artwork's page that leads directly to the auction website. You can also peruse the entire line-up here: Win Win 12 Silent Auction 

When you buy or bid on art, you empower the extraordinary talents at NIAD Art Center. We thank you for supporting our artists, facilitators, volunteers, and community members!

Tickets to join us on May 18th for the Win Win 12 festivities can be purchased here.

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