Collection: "Just Do It" organized by Travis Meinolf

a photo of a colorful yarn pom pom ball: short bits of green, red, and yellow yarn are knotted together in a round clump.

About the Exhibition

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get people to do things. All around us it seems we have examples of people trying to get others to do things through threats of harm, whether the threat of being hungry, unhoused, or direct violence… this does not seem an appropriate way for us to behave in the 21st-century. 

I am more comfortable with a non-coercive initiation of activities that invites others to behave the way I want to see. And if they choose not to perhaps they will come around when they see how fun it is for the rest of us. And this has always been a way I love to engage, so I have chosen art pieces that I admire because their hand wrought presence translated through my screen to inspire me to action -- they make me want to do what the artist did.

These are all pieces that are now on my list of techniques to try out in my studio in San Anselmo. I want to do them all. I want to learn how to make things and situations that people want to emulate and these are all great examples. Look at what people around you are doing and if you admire it, try it out yourself! 


About the Organizer

Travis Meinolf (they/them, born 1978) is a weaver who also teaches and distributes weaving tools, aiming to make the simple and productive process accessible to those who find it satisfying. To that end, they have established a small weaving studio in San Anselmo equipped with floor looms and back strap looms. In addition, they conduct public workshops at libraries and museums, as well as community classes at the Richmond Art Center.

Travis has woven pieces for prominent exhibitions such as the Whitney Biennial and for the collection of the SFMOMA, along with other arts institutions and numerous private collections. Their current work concerns basic themes of shelter/protection using colorful abstraction/figuration and living in the gray areas between sculpture, painting and design. They live in Lagunitas with Iris and their son Louie. BA Industrial Arts SFSU MFA Textiles/Social Practices CCA.


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