Collection: NIAD Windows Exhibition: Soft Material, Organized by Nan Collymore & Celia Lesh

About the exhibition

Soft Material is a collaborative garment construction project, between artists who have an interest in and connection with what one might call fashion and textiles, and what can also be understood as the corporeal, the body and performativity. Soft Material supports and connects artists living with disabilities whose communal studio programs have been severely interrupted by the pandemic. The project was born out of an interest in proposing a model for generating clothes reciprocally, with many voices and a disregard for efficiency.


About the organizer

Nan Collymore

Nan makes work that is tactile and continuous—as though the end of one piece seamlessly belongs to the beginning of the next one. Her recent projects are Soft Material with artist Celia Lesh, There Are Black People In The Future book with Alisha B. Wormsley, Dress II, Editor of The Black Aesthetic Series III, She is Contributing Editor of The September Issues, and Contemporary and, a mother and an inter-disciplinary artist.

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