Collection: NIAD Gallery Exhibition // "Championship Belt"

About the exhibition

This Summer, coming to NIAD’s 23rd Street Gallery, it's Championship Belt!

From the high-energy performance of wrestling to the camaraderie of teams banding together, artists find inspiration in the world of sports.

Featuring an all-star lineup of local favorites alongside friends from the Arts of Life studio in Chicago, this exhibition highlights studio art-making as a form of entering the ring. Artists actively engage with their practice; paint brushes flow over canvas, clay is pushed together to build new forms. These works are a celebration of team spirit and performance.

This one's for the fans!

Gallery Reception Saturday June 10, 1 to 4pm, NIAD Art Center.

Participating Artists 

Deatra Colbert

Guy Conners*

Julio Del Rio

Luis Estrada 

Samantha Kershnar

Michael Nuñez

Ann Meade

Rosita Pardo

Jason Powell-Smith

Andrew Sloan*

*Arts of Life studio artist

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