Collection: "Mud Pie Mansion" organized by Kristin Farr (online exhibition)

A colorful ceramic sculpture by artist Heather Hamann of a castle with an ornate lawn and sign that reads, "Fairytale Castle."

About the exhibition:

Clay is the original art material and mud pies are a classic pastime—using earth and imagination to make something out of nothing. Create any object your heart desires—a mansion, a limousine, a new friend or a note. As Heather Hamann described the creation of her Fairytale Castle, “It will make you feel joy, wonderful, love and hope.” NIAD artists explore fantastical ideas to build innovative ceramic sculptures that are bright with delight, feeling alive with personality. Mud Pie Mansion brings seven artists together, their sculptures arranged in a conversation about creature comforts and magical escapism. 

About the organizer: 

Kristin Farr is an artist, curator and journalist who has written about the Bay Area Art Scene and beyond for 20 years. Her paintings and sculptural works are directed by color and influenced by folk art practices, synesthesia, and magic. Kristin’s large-scale murals can be found locally and internationally. She is also the creator of KQED’s Emmy-winning Art School video series and has served as lead curator for Facebook’s headquarters. She is currently Deputy Editor for Juxtapoz Magazine. Kristin is a local Richmond artist and supporter of NIAD. She is ever-inspired by NIAD artists and loves to collect their ceramic sculptures and paintings. 

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