Collection: Made of Stars: More Selections from the Win Win 12 Silent Auction

a glazed ceramic sculpture of a row of three miniature pink castles on neighboring green grass lawns

The Win Win Silent Auction is now open for bidding, and you can join in the fun from anywhere under the stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This week, we're highlighting sixteen dazzling items that have us looking up -- at rainbows, thunderstorms, sunbeams, the full moon -- but the prices are not sky-high! In fact, bidding starts well under $100 for many featured works. So whether you're decorating the walls of an entire fairytale kingdom or one humble purple treehouse, you'll find that special something in the constellation of textiles, paintings, and ceramics below. 

Ignore the "sold" stickers -- everything is available to bid on through May 18th! We've added a link on each featured artwork's page that leads directly to the auction website. You can also peruse all 68 items here: Win Win 12 Silent Auction 

When you buy or bid on art, you empower the extraordinary talents at NIAD Art Center. We thank you for supporting our artists, facilitators, volunteers, and community members!

Tickets to join us on May 18th for the Win Win 12 festivities can be purchased here.

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