Collection: In Love., organized by Meg Pohlod (online exhibition)

Colorful stencils on a streaked blue background. Letters right side up and sideways. In different combinations, they spell out "Like It".

About In Love.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is a great pleasure or interest in something. Love is a deep affection for someone or something. Love is something you like or enjoy very much. 

In this selection of works inspired by Martha Padron's ink on paper that reads "Love is charming," I chose pieces that showed connection, embrace, touch, as well as vessels that can hold. Literal knots in weavings, clay and glaze, pencil on pencil, and images of togetherness embrace a deep want for connection. I hope these works give the viewer a pause to connect with what they are seeing.

About Meg Pohlod

Meg Pohlod is a print artist based in the Bay Area. She is the Artist Residency Manager at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California and faculty at Laney College in Oakland, California. She received her MFA in printmaking from the University of Alberta in 2017. Her visual research examines the body as interior and exterior space; questioning what happens with memory attached to trauma of abandonment when triggered by image, place and time. Pohlod has exhibited work, and been a visiting artist nationally and internationally. 

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