Collection: "I Wanna See All My Friends at Once," organized by Cone Shape Top (online exhibition)

About the Exhibition

Named after a line from the song “Go Bang!” by Dinosaur L, a disco project of Arthur Russell released in 1981. A line that, since being popularized in iconic clubs like David Mancuso’s Loft and Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage, has become code for collective dance floor abandon.

Looking through works from the roster of NIAD artists, ideas around bodies coming together under the unifying force of music for release, freedom, self-expression and camaraderie began to emerge. Balloons, dancing, fearless fashion, music, friendship, colorful people and spaces filled with lights, projections and disco balls; all themes that form the ethos of our space. These works highlight motifs and sentiments that conjure the feeling of bliss from celebrating life with chosen families through music.

About the Organizers

Cone Shape Top is a Chochenyo Ohlone (Oakland)-based platform, shop and project space that celebrates underground culture through music, books, gifts and arts with a strong emphasis on local communities run out of an apartment by Cat Lauigan and Matt Brownell. They curate monthly programming through their podcast series, physical exhibitions and live performances / dj sets. They also host a monthly radio show on Lower Grand Radio every 3rd Monday called ‘Cone Zone’ where they do live mixes of shop selections.

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