Collection: "For Choo Choo" organized by Maryam Yousif (online exhibition)

About the exhibition:

"I went into my selection thinking about my son Lukas, aka Choo Choo, who has recently turned one years old. My interest in what he sees, learns and experiences in life is so profound, and seeing these wonderful works of art at NIAD made me think about how he would perceive them, learn from them and ultimately enjoy them.

These are the types of pieces I'd want to put up in his bedroom so we can talk about them for a long time."

About the organizer:

Maryam Yousif was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1985 and lives in San Francisco, California. She received a Master of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Windsor, Ontario. Solo and two-person exhibitions include The Pit, Los Angeles; David B. Smith, Denver; Andrew Rafacz, Chicago; Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco and  / slash art, San Francisco. Yousif’s work has been featured in exhibitions at venues such as Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles; Museum of Art & Design, New York; The Center for Craft, Asheville, North Carolina and Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco, California. She is the recipient of the Fleishhacker Foundation’s Eureka Fellowship and a finalist for SFMOMA’s SECA award and the Museum of Art and Design’s Burke Prize.
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