Collection: "Color As Energy Field," organized by Chinzalée Sonami (online exhibition)

About the Exhibition

A rectangular drawing - pink vertical and horizontal strokes form a box around a multi-edged shape drawn in the middle.

Color feels essential right now, especially at this point of the year, when we enjoy spring and the flowers have bloomed in their full spectrum of splendor.  Colorscapes feel more and more like energy fields, pumping us up with what we need for this immediate moment and the longer season of survival.  
There are so many incredible pieces to choose from, and as I searched for artworks, the colors vibrated off the pieces, into my body and left me feeling activated and energized by the artist’s choice of color, the combinations, and texture.  These pieces pulsate, emote,  inhabit a larger system of energy and feel essential themselves.  They are large blankets to cover your eyes in or color fields to step into.

About the Organizer

Chinzalée Sonami's ceramics practice, PALA, is based in Oakland, her hometown.  Her practice is named PALA which means father in Tibetan and is named so after her late Tibetan father who was also a potter.   She considers this practice as a time wormhole in which the two can occupy the same space in clay.   

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