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 em's workin on it!

About the exhibition



About the artist

Esmeralda Silva is a multidisciplinary artist creating work at NIAD 



[alt- text : An image of a gallery space featuring artwork on the wall and on pedestals, and the artist standing in the center of the installation. There are several rectangular paintings on paper and drawings of different sizes on the wall. The paintings depict figures and animals in flat landscapes. There are three pedestals in front of the wall, and they display glazed ceramic sculptures. The pedestal on the far left has a small blue and purple ceramic sculpture of horses. The central pedestal showcases a large flat purple bowl, a red ceramic house, a purple ceramic house, and two ceramic squares with hearts protruding from the top. The pedestal on the far right has two small ceramic animals on it: a dog and a bear. The artist who produced this work stands in the center of this photograph, looking straight into the camera smiling and wearing a black sweatshirt that says "California" ]



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