Collection: NIAD Annex Gallery // "Now Presenting: New Artists of NIAD"

About the Exhibition

In the 42 years that the NIAD Studio has been in operation, generations of artists have passed through our doors to commence lifelong careers as visual artists.

This collection features work by artists who are newer on the NIAD roster. Despite their short time in the studio, it is clear they have begun to establish themselves in the community and develop their voice as artists. Studio practice at NIAD happens one day at a time, there is a real excitement to a blank canvas or fresh mound of clay to mold that is palpable in the works presented here. 

Featured Artists:

Gabriel Aidley
Karla Alfaro
Fabian Arias
Kaya Davis
Jorge Guillen
Brandon Harris
Rachel Huber
Christopher Jimenez-Lopez
Faithe Leyandre
Rae Lorvick-Patt
Aileen McCourt
Antonio Morales
Richard Naranjo
Robin Rakoczy
Xiomara Rosales
Kit Shim
Vinny Valenzuela
Mat Van Dongen
Steven Winston
Cassara Wong
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