Collection: Warming, Selected By Good Buy Supply (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

A selection of works that embrace imperfect elements and subtle beauty found in nature. We can envision the artists admiring the natural world and what they love about it. Each work is met with a delicate thoughtful touch that can transcend beyond the page. The same mindset can be found in making sustainable choices that better people and the planet. 
About the selector
Good Buy Supply is Philadelphia’s first retail store dedicated to plastic-free alternatives for everyday life. Located in the grand, independent business community of East Passyunk Avenue, Good Buy Supply boasts a large selection of wares to live more environmentally-friendly including bulk soaps, kitchenwares, personal care items, and more. The store is owned and operated by Emily Rodia and Jason Rusnock, a couple living in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood of South Philadelphia. Inspired by “zero waste” ideals, they decided to make a serious effort towards a low-waste, plastic-free lifestyle several years ago. Both have fine art backgrounds graduating from The University of the Arts and incorporate their keen eye for detail into each product they select. Good Buy Supply hopes to bring awareness to a more sustainable lifestyle to Philadelphia and beyond. 
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