Collection: Group Chat, Selected By Kate Rhoades & Katy Kondo (online exhibition)

About the exhibition

Since we're curating this show as a duo, we were drawn to work that deals with collaboration and togetherness. In the last year as we've been isolated from our larger communities, we have also been deeply entangled with the few people in our bubble. In this exhibition we present works that were produced through collaboration with those long gone, like Karen May's Untitled which responds to Man Ray's Larmes (Tears). We also included works considering groups, like the stoic duck couple in Danny Thach's Untitled. With our social spheres out of whack, these artists have given us new ways to think about being together.


About the selectors

Kate Rhoades and Katy Kondo live and work in Oakland, California. Together they are the co-creators of the comic book series "Kate and Katy". They have curated shows in galleries and parking lots across the San Francisco Bay Area. They cohabitate with their dog and three cats.
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