Collection: "Roses are Red, or, See what Kitty can do without fighting the war?" organized by Liam Golden (online exhibition)

About the exhibition:

What's better than listening to mind expanding tunes while perusing visual art that transforms your understanding of the structures of meaning-making? Chatting with NIAD artist Karen May, that's what.

Liam: I'm working on an online show, what should I call it?

Karen May: Online Show? Well Kitty's got one. You better listen to what she says. When she says she's done with the online show you'll have a big problem. Listen to her sister - Do you want Karen back on your show, yes or no?

Liam: Yes.

Karen May: Okay, now you see? 

Liam: Yes, I think so... Well, we still need a title...

Karen May: Roses are red, violets are blue and her sister said sugar is sweet and so are you. Figure that poem out, by golly, will you?

An artistic rendering of a red stop sign that reads, "STOP KAREN MAY."

About the organizer:

Liam Golden is NIAD's 23rd. St. Studio Director.
Born in San Francisco, he now lives in the East Bay where he enjoys pizza, sounds, estuaries, drawing, working at NIAD, and fog. 
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