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Chris Ballantyne



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Color aquatint with sugarlift and spitbite aquatints

16 x 12"

Chris Ballantyne is a landscape painter, although not in the traditional sense-it's emptiness that he captures in his flat renderings of urban and country scenes. Generally working on a small scale, Ballantye's images spill off the edge but nevertheless feel expansive and infinite. Void of human presence, the artist often depicts his landscapes from high vantages, ultimately abstracting his subjects: housing developments seemingly become elements of textile patterns, while urban sprawl may be snapped into ordered clarity. Ballantyne's use of subtle, reserved color schemes is masterful, lending the images extra veracity despite their comic nature. Ballantyne's work has been shown across the United States and abroad since the mid-1990s, including in exhibitions at the San Francisco Art Institute, the Hunterdon Museum in Clinton, New Jersey, and the Cheeckwood Museum of Art in Nashville.

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