Colección: NIAD Annex Gallery Exhibition // "Sisters Shall Be: Raven & Shana Harper"

About the exhibition

Words from Raven Harper:

"When you come to NIAD, it clears your mind and then you focus on your work more than focusing on the outside world. I think my sister’s work is totally different from mine. I think my work is different than everybody else’s. I come to the studio with one idea and then it changes. It’s fun, but you have to be able to focus and do one thing at a time. When Shana is in the studio, she puts her mind into her art. She goes directly to the source. She doesn’t lose concentration."

Words from Shana Harper:

"Being an artist for me - being at NIAD, is wonderful. I get to choose what I work on. I get to show people. I get to see my sister’s work - she’s very talented like I am. She works in the tradition of African American Art. My artwork looks like DNA, which is pretty cool.

My sister is wonderful. She’s a kind and loving person. Spending time with her makes me happy and strengthens our sisterhood. I love seeing her happy. She’s kind of like a sister-mom. When I grew up she did my hair, helped me get dressed for school, took me to the park, and even saved me from swallowing a quarter. I’m just glad we stuck with each other until now."


About the artists

Raven and Shana Harper have dedicated themselves to their art practice for decades. During their time in the NIAD Studio, they have moved fluidly through different medium to create bodies of work that explore a wide breadth of themes. From flora and fauna, family, sisterhood, pop culture icons and civil rights leaders, this exhibition highlights the multi-disciplinary practices of Raven and Shana Harper.

Karen and Fran DiDomenicis are the generous sponsors of the Sisters Shall Be exhibition, adding their support to this remarkable showcase of two beloved NIAD artists.

On view through April 19, 2024. 

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