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When you own a piece of NIAD art, you connect with the unique story of an artist with disabilities, amplify an original voice in contemporary art, and empower a non-traditional artist to earn income from their work.

NIAD main gallery exhibition

"care and respite" organized Simon Tran and Kari Simsonsen

About the Exhibition

"Finding care and respite through positive redirection. Changing your mother’s bandages, affirmations of finding self, the necessity of making home, meditations on familial patterns, climbing and conquering mountains. This and more. This and more."

Artist Talk Saturday July 13

On view through Friday July 19

About the organizers

SimonTran, aka Ghost Ghost Teeth is a Vietnamese-American artist and educator born in Long Beach, California who currently resides in Menlo Park, California.Simonreceived a BA in Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley. He created large scale murals for Facebook/Meta Open Arts Program and Chapter 510 in Oakland. His artwork has been on exhibit at Berkeley Art Museum, Oakland Museum of California, and various galleries around the country. His art has been placed in the collection of the Capital One Arts Program. Simon is currently the Artists in Education Program Manager at Southern Exposure in San Francisco.    

Kari Simonsen is a Burmese-Norwegian-American artist. She uses her background in philosophy and language to create small pieces within which reside worlds of thoughtful exercises in translation, understanding, and reiteration. She writes in thread, acrylic and ink, the familiar and reccurring shapes and patterns found in the environment around her. She currently resides in California.

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