Collection: NIAD is for Animal Lovers: Holiday Gift Guide organized with Dorian Reid

a red chair with green legs, embroidered with the face of a cat.About the exhibition

"Every time I turn around, I see so much art where the animals aren't appreciated. When it comes to the holidays, people buy so many things for themselves, but how do the animals feel? They feel left out in the cold. It's time to start thinking about pets and their owners, so the pets won't feel left out. These are artworks that show how animals feel."

Pick up a few pieces from Dorian's selections and show the animals in your life that you care about their feelings!

About the organizer

Drawing inspiration from diverse interests - including animals and the environment, identity, family history, and civil rights activism, Dorian Reid’s disarming works reflect a joyful approach to art-making. Her artistic practice becomes a natural extension of memory and personal experience.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Reid was first introduced to art-making early on in school. Reid currently attends NIAD, where she has worked across a wide range of media over the past two decades. Recurring themes for Reid are significant seasons and times of year, as well as numerous iterations of the Black Panther slogan “All Power to the People,” realized as text-based prints, drawings, and elaborate quilts. 

Dorian Reid has maintained a studio practice at NIAD since 2003. She has shown previously in CE x CG x NIAD at Minnesota Street Projects in San Francisco, Future Legacy at Christie's SF, Thread Heads at the Berkeley Art Center, Follow the String at Marin MOCA, in a solo exhibition at Kapp Kapp in Philadelphia, and extensively in exhibitions at NIAD, including Cyrano organized By Em Kettner, and Peaceable Kingdom: The Creatures of Dorrie Reid, among others.

- adapted from "Dorrie Reid", Disparate Minds

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