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2 x 10, Selected By Lee Biolos and Broderick Fox (Online Exhibition)

About the exhibition

"Together, the twenty works in this show demonstrate the creative possibilities of abstract expressionism. As we selected pieces, we continually found ourselves struggling to choose a single piece by a particular artist. Our inability to winnow evolved into a structuralist premise: the resultant show offers up not one, but two works by each of the ten selected artists. Some of these couplings invite comparisons, resonances, and closer examinations of the artists’ technique. Other pairings demonstrate the sheer range of materials, mediums, and ideas explored by the same hands. With all the talent at NIAD (and the affordable pricing) why not take home the pairs? Or be inspired to go into the store and curate some pairings of your own!"

About the selectors

Lee Biolos and Broderick Fox have been making films and collecting art together since they met a dozen years ago. See their collection @Foxiolos on Instagram and learn more about their films at: Zen & the Art of Dying and The Skin I'm In.

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