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(online show #100) Body Language, Selected By Julia Lipovsky

About the exhibition

Body Language explores the relationship between the human form and the written word. Combing through NIAD’s rich archive, I found an abundance of lists, rants, letters, and scraps of periodicals. These works began to blend in with their more figurative neighbors and I found myself admiring the similarities between the two—both in a formal sense and in the implication of communication. I wanted to create a show that developed organically from the subject matter I saw recurring in the studio, but that also spoke to the themes and ideas I consider in my own art making practice. The result is a collection of figurative and text based pieces that reveal, in some way, evidence of human life—the “ideal reveal,” as Sara Malpass states in her second drawing. Primarily black and white, the show looks at the body beyond race or skin tone, and focuses on shape and expression, while hot pinks and reds serve as a reminder of what fills us all: a common blood to course through the work.

About the selector

Julia Lipovsky is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Cincinnati, OH. After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015, she began volunteering with the Teaching Artist Program at Visionaries + Voices, an art studio and gallery that supports adult artists with developmental disabilities in Cincinnati. Julia now works as a studio coordinator there, often collaborating with the organization’s 125+ artists. Her own work remains in a state of flux, celebrating the range of opportunities that exist in materials and through experimentation. She uses drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and ceramics as a means to investigate images and ideas through iteration. She is a firm believer in making multiples and has a soft spot for alliteration.

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